Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hot Water: Luxery or Necessity?

Nathan's Long Hair.  I really like it.  He doesn't.  Don't worry.  We compromise.  Grow it out, cut it.  Grow it out, cut it.
   In the process of cutting Nathan's hair.  We couldn't resist going a little crazy.  What do you think?  Rival of the Williams' boy hair?  Giving Levi and Blake a run for their money.
 And here we have Nathan's favorite hairstyle.  Classic buzz.
 Dani's AWESOME Christmas present.  It's a smitten.  You both put your hand in it and it keeps you both warm while you're holding hands outside.  We told her she should patten it, but on further investigation, found out that someone already invented it.
 Christmas morning for Bec.  I love you all so much.  Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts you gave.  I literally use most of them everyday.  We loved being in Washington with our Doutre family.
 Nathan's Christmas.  Sporting this dress coat, he rivals President Kim B.  And the watch has gotten a lot of good use.
 Our new bed frame!  Finally, no more sleeping in the living room!  Nathan was so nice and gave up a night of homework to help me get it set up.  I think I still mention every time I lay down how much I love it.  It brings me great joy and happiness.  I love rolling over and not hearing the bed squeak.
 This is what it looks like.  You don't need a box spring for it, you just put your mattress right on top.  It's high off the ground so I can fit everything underneath it.  Namely Nathan's luggage, the laundry basket, the leaf for our table, the wrapping paper box, all of the folded down boxes from wedding gifts, and food storage.  The beauty is, that it gives you that much space, but it's the height of a normal bed because there's no box spring.  It was from Walmart for $80.  Best thing of my life.  This could be my birthday present for 25 years and I'd still be thanking you for it.
 Look at that.  Magical.  Radiant.  Mesmerizing.  Comforting.  Happy.  Makes me want to jump on it.  Blissful.
 Water story.  This is what our apartment looked like when someone came in the middle of the day to fix our hot water.  This picture was taken at 1 am.  We got home after a long night and had a hose running through our apartment.  The stove was pulled out blocking our kitchen and our refrigerator,  and our water was turned of.  This means no brushing teeth, showering, or breakfast before class the next morning.  Horrible.  We were kind of frustrated. 
This is the bathroom.  Come to find out, they emptied the water from our water heater (which is in the corner cupboard of our kitchen) into the bathtub which is why the hose is serpentining through our furniture..  The man didn't think through the fact that this was someone's home and he shouldn't just leave everything in our apartment.  But, what can you do.  It's fine now.  So that's our little story.

We're doing really well.  School and work are busy.  Nathan teaches great Sunday school lessons that I always learn from, and I continue to lead the ward choir from the piano bench as I am the director and the pianist.  We get about 7 people total each week to choir.  But, it is much better.  I have really come to appreciate the hymns and the power and spirit they bring into our lives.  They truly are inspired from our Heavenly Father and I'm grateful that I've been able to learn from this experience.