Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Many Updates: No Pictures

  • I've been waiting to post until I upload pictures and have realized that if I keep doing that, I will never post.  So you're just going to have to take it like this.  When the baby is born, Nate will upload pictures and I'll finally get them all on.
 Over the last 3 months...
  • Nathan tore his ACL and meniscus and had to have knee surgery
  • Nathan has been going to physical therapy 2-3 times per week
  • Nathan couldn't drive for a few weeks with his knee so Eden and I have been taking him back and forth from work.  (80 minutes in the car everyday with a 17 month old gets a little old).
  • I sung "Old McDonald Had a Farm" at least 600 times during those weeks of driving.
  • Eden has discovered that I have a baby in my tummy and will kiss my stomach anytime the baby is mentioned.
  • I have been going to ultrasounds twice a week to make sure that the heart is doing fine.  So far, so good. (This means that I have been juggling my work schedule, Nathan's work schedule (along with driving him back and forth), getting both of us to our different doctor's appointments-which means that between the two of us, we have one EVERY SINGLE DAY, getting Eden her naps, preparing for a baby, and trying to pack and clean for our move)
  • I found out that Eden is TERRIFIED of the doctor's office.  When they take my blood pressure or have me lay down on the table she SCREAMS which is totally unlike her.  She is normally really independent.  Let's just say that going two times a week (and the appointments last at least an hour) has been a little stressful.
  • I've had amazing friends step up to help me out by watching Eden twice a week while I go so that she doesn't have to scream for an hour, and now that Nate can drive himself, they also let me use their car sometimes so that I can get to my appointments.
  • I've been working in the office.
  • We found out that we are hired by seminary and will be moving to the Bountiful area to teach.
  • We found an apartment
  • Our baby will be induced on May 29th if he doesn't come before (he's getting pretty big and they want to make sure he can handle labor)
  • We will be moving two weeks after baby is born.
  • I'm starting to get a little stressed about moving with a brand new baby and Eden.  Eden being the main concern.  That girl can unpack a box faster than I can snap my fingers.

So, it will probably be a little while before I post again, I will be having a baby, packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, settling in, and figuring out how to do life with two kids and without managing.  So bare with me, I'll update you as soon as I can.