Thursday, May 26, 2011


Happy of Happies, Nathan and I are expecting a baby.  I'm 14 weeks along and am finally feeling a little better.  Feeling a little better is a relative term.  I still feel a constant need to be close to a garbage can or toilet because sometimes it comes really suddenly, but for the most part I am feeling so much better.  It's the greatest feeling to feel like I can get up and do things because I feel good enough to. 

I've gotten so frustrated because I feel so sick, but I teach school or have class early every morning and I work late at nights.  This means that I don't get very much sleep and I'm absolutely exhausted all the time.  But...the kids just got out of school so I have a day off tomorrow.  WONDERFUL!!!  I get to just sleep until my body feels like getting up and then I can clean my house and exercise and relax. 

I'm due November 22 which happens to be the very day that I finish student teaching.  Here's hoping that baby will cooperate and help me out a little bit here.  I've been asking nicely for 3 months already and bribing baby with it's very own room and lots of cuddle time, so I hope it works out.

I'm so excited to start looking pregnant instead of just bigger.  I did get a little bit of confidence when I told my first graders yesterday that I'm having a baby and one of them said "I knew it because I've been watching your stomach get fat."  Well, thank you.  I wasn't sure exactly how to take that seeing as right now it is just bigger, but not necessarily a baby bump.  You have to love the honesty of 6 year olds. 

Speaking of which, one day the boys took an extra long time in the bathroom.  When they got back, I said, "Boys, were you doing what is right in the bathroom?"  They all responded in unison, "No!" To which I inquired what they were doing.  "We put soap on the floor and went ice-skating!!"  We then had to talk about how sometimes things are fun, but they aren't the right things to do and that there are always consequences when we make  choices.   So then I sent one of them down to get the janitor so that he could supervise them while they cleaned up their mess.  But I just laughed all day about that.  I love that they didn't even think about lying.  They were, however, very quick to point out the person whose idea it was and who had done it first.  I had to explain that it doesn't matter whose ideas it was, if you participated, then you're to blame too.  Classic.

Also.  Our lives are finally getting put back together.  The construction workers finally finished all of their work.  Which means that after a whole month, we have a bathroom, kitchen, doors on our rooms, and a place to put all of our things.  It has been kind of annoying to always have workers in our home because I get home from school and I'm throwing up and I have to go to work in an hour.  ALL I want to do is take a nap, but Nathan is at work, and I feel so awkward sleeping with no doors while a bunch of men are working on my house.  So, I go to work still feeling really sick and I spend my hour at home crying out of frustration.  But now, they are done.  Just as I'm starting to feel a little bit better:)

All in all, life is great and amazing and crazy and happy and overwhelming and joyful.  We are loving every minute of preparing for the next phase of our life and relishing any time we get to spend together.