Monday, November 19, 2012

A Stranger's Advice

Do you ever wonder if some people simply don't have filters that alert them as to what things are publicly acceptable to say to strangers?  When Eden was about 2 months old, I was walking through the grocery store, searching for the best deals and minding my own business when a woman stops me.  **note to all "to-be" mothers.  The stopping was not unusual.  You will automatically need to factor in about a half more hour of time when going ANYWHERE public because people will want to see your baby and talk to them and touch them and other creepy things.  Maybe this should only be a warning to mothers in Rexburg, Idaho-I'm not sure...I've never lived somewhere else with kids.

The unusual part comes when said woman tells me that "[I] need to get busy" because if I produce children as beautiful as this, I should not be holding back.  Enter awkward pause to which I say something really clever like..."haha..............thank you?"  I mean what do you say to that?  "Ok?", "I'll keep that in mind?", "Stick your nose in your own business?" Well, whatever I should have said, I didn't (I obviously don't own the "what-to-say-when-strangers-say-crazy-things-to-you" filter, I left the store laughing pretty hard.  Classic Rexburg.  Classic.  

I had forgotten that story until I sat down to write this blog...funny how we have little flashback memories.  Who knows...maybe this next baby is here is large part because of that crazy lady.  But, probably not.  

I keep telling Nathan...maybe we should've stopped with Eden.  Our poor other children have no chance after she's taken all of our good genes.  What about that poor 27th child that somehow ends up with all the worst parts of both of us?  

In all seriousness...we're thrilled to be welcoming another sweet child into our home. 

 Nathan will graduate in April and baby will come in May/June.  Hopefully by June we'll know we have a job somewhere and we'll probably be moving about a month after the baby is born.  Joy. (I mean that both literally and sarcastically).  But, if not, we have our managing position here until we can find a job.  I'm not sure what our future holds, but I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father that has shown me over and over again that if I trust in Him, everything somehow works out. I'm grateful that (with a lot of coaxing) I can have faith enough to say "okay" even when I don't know what's ahead.  And who knows, I may turn into a crazy lady at the grocery store one day and alter someone's future.  But, probably not.