Saturday, January 14, 2012


That's right.  I'm going to be updating you on graduation and our Christmas vacation.  Thus...Graduvacation.  Life has been so great over the last month or so.  I finally figured Eden out and found things that help her to sleep well and be a happier baby.  She now sleeps about 6-7 hours straight at night and will then go back to sleep for another 3.  It has been absolutely blissful. Here are some (many) pictures to update you all on the last few weeks of our lives here in Rexburg. 

 Eden's blessing dress.  She was blessed at about 3 weeks old so that we could make sure our family could come and be part of it with us.  She wore my blessing dress and looked so beautiful.  E was really fussy that morning and I was so worried that she would be loud during the blessing, but she was a little angel.  I shouldn't have worried.  Church is her favorite place.  Literally.  She just sits quietly the whole time every single sunday.  Sometimes I wish I could go to church everyday.

 Grandma and Grandpa Doutre with little E.  At this point she was really fussy and cried for all of the pictures.  Of course!
                                    Papa D and Grandma K-haha!  Look at her screaming her lungs out.
 After church we had everyone over to our house for Hawaiian Haystacks and some good time.  Here is the Williams side.
                              The Doutre side-they came clear from Washington for the blessing. 
 The night of my commencement.  Eden went to Tanya and Logan Binghams to play with her kids and one of my bestie roommates watched her while we went.  Here we are in the BYU-I Center with Austin and Cami, Nathan's bother and sister who go to school here as well.
 This is the next morning after my convocation.  Eden came with us and was a little angel.  She is such a blessing and it took a lot of faith to have her when I wasn't sure if I would be able to graduate while having a baby.  She came early, but it all worked out.  WE DID IT!
 My mom and dad were able to come up for my graduation and I loved it.  Thanks for coming moma and pops.
 I just love this picture so I had to add it in.  This is a yawn, not a smile.  She started smiling the next week.
 After graduation, we headed down to my house for Christmas.  This is one of my favorite moments of the whole vacation.  My mom and I were talking in the family room and looked over to find ALL of the men in the house laying underneath our kitched table trying to fix the moving grooves.  They were all watching a different part of the table to make sure it was working.  Dad is on one end, Nathan on the other and Blake and Ty on either side.  CLASSIC. McKay, Clark, and Kyson weren't there yet or I'm sure they would've been in on it as well.  Later that week the boys dry walled one of our bedrooms.  Sadly, I failed to get any pictures.
                     Tyler holding Kyson.  Kyson holding Eden.  Eden screaming her head off. 
 Christmas Eve and Great Grandma Williams' house.  Grandma K fed Eden a bottle before her big performance so that she would be happy. Eden takes a bottle really well which is such a blessing when I have to go somewhere or when we're in public.  She can down a bottle in about 7 minutes and it takes her 35 minutes to nurse.  So when time is an issue, bottle it is.
 Eden's biggest moment to date...Being Baby Jesus in our  family Christmas Eve Pageant. Tanayea  was Mary and did such a good job keeping her happy.

 Christmas morning.  Here is our little family on our first Christmas together.  Eden got onesies and some rattles from Santa.  She squirms a lot before she falls asleep.  That is why her face is covered in the blanket.  Don't worry, I am not suffocating my child. 
 A few days after Chrismas we went to a jumping gym.  It was a blast!  I got some really great videos of Blake, Ty, and McKay doing awesome dunks, but this post was long enough without videos so I left them out.
 These are just some cute pictures of Eden at 2 months old.  She smiles and coos like crazy and is our joy and happiness.  She has beautiful bluish/grey eyes and still has long dark hair.  Although, the roots are going blonde.
                    Had to show off the hair.  I love it.  And it can fit easily in pigtails.  That's my girl. In the back it hangs about an inch over her shirt.  It looks like a little mullet.  Levi would be SO proud.
Our little one.  Sorry it's so blurry.  She never holds still and my camera isn't the best.