Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pregnancy Update and Mud Relay

As I was looking at the pictures on my camera, I realized that I have TONS of pictures that I haven't put on the blog at all.  So, the following will update you on my pregnancy and a mud relay that Nathan participated in.
 This is the day we found out we were pregnant.  Oh the blissful, ignorant days when it was all excitement with absolutely no sickness or discomfort.  We were on our way to Guitars Unplugged on campus and we were both grinning from ear to ear the entire time. 
 This is cute little me, thinking that I had a belly.  I believe I was about 10 weeks along in this picture.  I made Nathan take a picture, insisting that my stomach was HUGE!  At this same time, our house was flooded with sewage and we had no kitchen or bathroom for a whole month.  This was not the most blissful time of my life, but I learned so much about the Savior's love for me and about what it means to love a little person more than myself. 
 20 weeks along.  We found out we are having a little baby girl and were thrilled about it.  I had been feeling like it was a girl so neither of us were very surprised when the doctor gave us the news.  The most amazing thing to me was that I was so much more concerned with making sure that she was healthy and strong rather than finding out if she was a girl or boy.  I went in to the appointment so excited to find out and found myself on the table beaming at each little body part that was there.  As I saw her little heart pounding on the screen I found tears rolling down my cheeks.  I had said so many prayers for this little one, that she would grow correctly and that I would be able to take care of my body the way I needed to in order to protect her.  Seeing her little body kicking and her heart beating made all those hours huddled over the toilet bowl worth it.  And it was in this moment that I realized I would do it again whenever the Lord sees fit to bless us with another.  (Before this point I told Nathan that he was not allowed to talk about having more children because I honestly couldn't handle that emotionally.  The thought of being this sick again made me want to cry.)
This is me today.  34 weeks along, a mere 6 to go.  (Although I have a feeling that these last 6 weeks will be much more difficult than I envision them to be right now.)  If it looks like I may topple over the front, you are right.  I may do that sometime soon.  Luckily, my third graders are keeping me on my toes and moving pretty fast.  Currently I am still playing the games at PE with them and squatting at their desks to help them with math problems.  It's a good thing that I have Karen Williams' genes in me or I may not be able to do it.  I figure if the women crossing the plains could walk all day, then I can certainly walk around my warm classroom and get up and down from Indian style on the floor with the kids. 

Still no cravings of any sort, yet another blessing from my wonderful mother.  I'm sleeping pretty good still, although turning over in bed proves to be rather difficult with a watermelon belly.  The only time I roll over is when I get up to use the rest room.  When I get back, I make sure to sleep on the opposite side so that I don't start getting bed sores or something.  I honestly wake up in the EXACT same position as I fell asleep in (a feat that may seem incredible to any who have had to share a room with me).  I guess my body just figures it's not worth the work.

 This is Nathan participating in the mud relay that BYU-Idaho put on a few weeks ago.  He, his friend Ben, and his sister Cami formed a team to compete against others.  This is Nathan slip'n slidding into the mud pile...
 Where he then army crawled under ropes (and discovered that crawling was a lot faster than army crawling).  He was going so fast that a everyone watching was saying things like, "Wow.  Who is that kid?!" To which I proudly replied, "oh that's my husband."
 Here he is running along 2X4s buried in the mud
 After his leg, he had to jump on Ben's back and be carried around 10 cones.  Ben was not very happy at having to carry Nathan through ankle deep mud.  Classic.
 Nathan after his leg was finished.
 It's a good look.  Don't you think?
 The very last thing the team had to do was leap frog over each other to get to the finish line.  Here is Nathan jumping over Cami.
The team at the finish line.  All-in-all a pretty fun day.  If I had known there wasn't much running involved, I would've been on the team too.  The posters made it sound like you were going to run 3 miles in the mud and we need the child to stay in me as long as possible so that I can finish my student teaching so I decided not to do it.  Oh well, I guess there's next year.