Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well, many things have happened since I last updated the cyber world.  We have moved to our new house...trailer, and love it completely.  We look pretty white trash on the outside and feel comfortable and extremely happy on the inside.  Our trailer is in the back of a property that we are helping to manage.  This has been such a blessing as our rent and utilities are paid for and I get to be a stay at home mom with Eden.  I work each day from 1-3pm at the office and I get to bring Eden with me.  I purposely set up my work hours during her nap time, so she sleeps in the next room over while I work.  It works out perfectly and I enjoy spending time away from home each day and talking to real people!

Nathan just finished a week of teaching seminary for a practicum and absolutely loved it.  As you can imagine, the kids loved him and he now finds himself thinking he may enjoy being a seminary teacher.  Right now, our options for the future are wide open and we really have no idea what we will be doing after Nathan graduates.  If he is chosen to student teach seminary, that opens a whole other can of worms.  If not, we will be deciding between graduate school or working for a year before graduate school.  As we have a pretty sweet set up with housing right now, we'll just have to wait it out and see.

Eden continues to be a joy in our lives and we love waking up each day to see what she will learn that day and how she will have changed since yesterday.  She is 3 months old and love to be around people.  While she doesn't cry having others taking care of her, she loves Nathan and I and is pretty smiley and giggly if one of us has her.  PAY DAY for parents right there.  She now bats at toys and enjoys watching basketball with Nathan.  If she is ornery, Nathan turns on ESPN and watches it with her.  If we change channels she starts crying, if it goes on commercial, she starts crying.  But watching those men run up and down the court has her mesmerized.  Nathan secretly (and not so secretly loves that she has this because it gives him an excuse to put down his homework and watch some basketball with her.)

Last night we took Eden to a dance that our stake put on for us.  We put her in the moby wrap and danced the night away.  That thing is the best invention since...the baby swing.  Both things have absolutely saved my life as a mother.  

Her are a few pictures...most of them featuring Eden.  (I really need to start taking pictures of things other than Eden, but when I have her to compare everything with, nothing else seems to scream...TAKE MY PICTURE!)

 This is what Eden look like in her Moby Wrap.  We take her on walks outside and she loves it!  This is when we went to the slam dunk contest on campus.  She was in heaven.
 Eden loves me to read to her.  BEST THING EVER!  She will sit on my lap for 20 minutes while I read her books.  As long as the book doesn't have too many words and I flip the pages relatively quickly, she's a happy girl.  I'm sure this will change once she tried to grab the books.
 I..kind a picture of her mullet.  She moves her head so much, I couldn't keep her hair out of her collar very well, but I think it'll be enough to put a smile on Levi's face.
 Once again in her Moby Wrap.  She hangs out her each night while I make dinner and tidy up the house.
 I planned a sports themed date for Nathan and I.  When he came home I had made our kitchen table into a ping pong table and had dressed Eden up like this. 
 This picture shows my baby girl's hair turning light.  I love her dark hair so much, it makes me a little sad, but it's as cute as can be anyway.
 This is a perfect picture of Eden.  She is such a happy girl and coos and smiles all the time.
 The downside of having long hair.  When you spit up, it runs down your face and into your hair making it look like one of two things.  1.) You are really sweaty from laying on the ground and moving your arms a bit.  HOW EMBARRASSING! or 2.) You just had a shower...on one side of your head.  Either way, you get funny looks.
 When Eden and I go out to shovel, she gets all dressed up like this and then gets put into the Moby.  I think she's starting to understand that when I put her in this outfit, it means we're going outside because she gets really happy when I start dressing her like this.
Nate-o sporting the Moby.  This is us going to the slam dunk contest.  and you can see part of our trailer in the quaint.