Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow, Turkey, and Football. This is the Life.

Nathan made this montage of our sledding adventure.  Notice the look on mom's face.  Classic.  
Last Friday, Nathan and I found ourselves done with classes and work and facing a whole week of freedom to do whatever we wanted to.  We knew we were heading down to Utah at some point, but decided to go with the flow and see what happened.  We thought Nathan was scheduled to teach Sunday School so we planned on leaving Rexburg Sunday evening.  However, we were showered upon by a crazy snow storm which left us thinking we'd wait a few days.

Monday and Tuesday left us watching the skies waiting for a good time to leave.  We were so determined to leave Tuesday, that we packed our whole car with enough provisions to spend the night on the side of the road if we got stuck, drove to the store to buy chains and decided to turn back after realizing that on even our little side streets we couldn't see 20 feet in front of us.  So, returning home, we started a Netflix trial run and had lots of soup to keep warm.

We drove to Centerville on Wednesday and after going 30mph almost all the way home, arrived around 6pm.  We spent the evening playing games and chatting up a storm.

Highlights of Home: 
  • Sledding Expedition shown above.  Featuring the Death Spin.  Which consisted of dad spinning the tube very fast as you head towards a man-made jump.  This resulted in never being able to see when you were going to hit the jump.  Lauren excelled at this and got the best air by far.  We also crammed all nine of us onto 2 tubes and headed down the slope, which resulted in a popped tube, a crying child, and lots of fun. 
  • Thanksgiving: Frisbee, football games, turkey, family, grandpa taking pictures, basketball at the stake center, guestures, 21 people playing "I have never", telling crazy aunt stories, homemade rolls, and a late night.
  •  BYU vs. Utah Game:  Cousins, cousins, cousins, Butter's big screen, crackers and cheese ball, Mike and Tanaeya dressed in Red, about 100 people in Blue.  Cheering, screaming, jumping, clapping, a half won, a game lost, furious teenage boys, sad grandmother, analyzing each play, a clear knee down and no reversal, a kick blocked, a game left up to chance.  All in all, a great afternoon filled with lots of hope for next year.
  • White Christmas Party:  Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, the Haynes sisters, and whole lot of cheese.  Fireplace crackling, whole family laughing, ridiculous lines and dancing by good ol' Danny, and eggnog to top it off.
  • Snow Storm:  Waking up on the day we needed to drive back and seeing 4 inches of fresh snow, unplowed roads, and more snow falling.  Feeling nervous about driving back, getting 20 minutes from home and having good roads the rest of the way.  Home Safely.  Must have been the lake effect, right dad?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Potter of all Potters

 Harry Potter Midnight showing.  We had an amazing time, and paid for it dearly when after 2 hours of sleep we got up for a whole day of work and school with large tests to take on our last day before Thanksgiving break.  So worth it!  While waiting for the movie to start we decided to walk around the theater to find other great characters.  Here we are with Doloris Umbridge, Hagrid, Malfoy, Harry, and Ginny. 
Nathan and I showing off our characters.  Notice my Hogwarts, A History book and Nathan's great facial expressions!
Sitting in our seats waiting for the movie to start.  It was so fun to go with Rachel and Jared. 
                                             The finished product for Nathan.  Looking so much like Ron!
This weekend Nathan and I attended the Harry Potter midnight showing in Idaho Falls.  We went with our friends Jared and Rachel and needless to say, had a wonderful time.  Jared and Rachel were Harry and Ginny and Nathan and I went as Ron and Hermione.  We ate at Cafe Rio before the show and then headed across the parking lot for our debut.  Nathan was a huge hit.  Everyone was screaming "Ron!"  "It's Ron!"  as we passed, and everywhere we went people were asking to take pictures with him.  He was loving his 3 hours of fame and we had a great time trying to find the whole Harry Potter cast to take a picture with.  Next showing we are planning on going as obscure characters.  Eight months and you will get to see our next embarrassing display of Potter-itis.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Halloween Saga

                                             Halloween Dinner: In a pumpkin
                                          Dry Ice Apple Cider, spilling over the bowl.  Cool.
                                                  Nathan's Work:  Our halloween keyboard. 
                                     Part 1:  Voldemort...
                                      Part 2:  Quirrell.  Put them together and what do you get?  A great costume.  Sadly, we didn't get any pictures of us back to back wearing my graduation robe.  But I'm sure you can imagine.
                                                                Cobwebbed Corner
                                       Library Party Costume:  That is a grass stain
                                           I was a football.  (can't take any credit, Katie's idea) Notice the "Wilson" on my leg.  We were quite proud of our ability in making it look like the Logo.
                                     That is a scripture reference.  Funny to all those who will get it.
                        Nathan is a football player.  Pretty funny.  The deserted library party was quite a hit.  We played sardines and tag amongst the stacks and creeped ourselves out watching a scary movie.  It was a worthwhile evening.
                                                 Moral of the pictures?   We love Halloween.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Reason Why...

Remember that dreaded first day of school in Junior High when the teacher would begin to take role, come to your name and just stare at it?  You’d be sitting in your seat, your ears turning red because you knew it was your name she couldn’t pronounce, and you already had acne, braces, and big teeth.  I don’t.  I grew up the confident one sliding in and out of classes with a breeze, Becca Williams, you see, is an easy name.  Plus, I had some sweet overalls and I knew all the backstreet boys songs, so I was kind of a cool kid on campus.

But I guess life always catches up to you.  Here I am wonderfully and happily married to my laughing partner for all of eternity and I’m getting pay back.  BIG TIME.  Doutre.  Easy name.  Nope.  “Dootra?” “D-O-t-er?” “Dootray?”  No, it’s Doutre, like the Dew on a Tree. 

My poor Kindergarteners finally resorted to calling me Teacher Tree (the dew part was too complicated for them).  Hey, I can handle that.  I like trees.

With the development of having to explain my name with each new meeting, Nathan and I decided there was no better name for our blog.  We hope you enjoy reading of our crazy outings, wonderful adventures, and millions of laughs.  The Doutres give you, Dew on a Tree.