Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our life. Featuring: Eden in Things

 Sometimes, when dad gets you dressed, your clothes are on backwards all day.

Eden in a cupboard:    I came around the corner in the kitchen to find Eden and she wasn't there, but I heard mysterious noises from inside the cupboard.  Upon ruling out mice or rats, I bravely opened the cupboard to find...the child:) Did I mention that I love my kitchen?  Notice that the cupboard is empty.  Not because she took things out, but because it's empty all the time.  This is how much storage I have!
 Eden LOVES reading.  Almost half of her play time consists of her looking at her books/me reading them to her.  She pulls out the bin, tips it over and sits there until she's looked through every one.
 This time she is taking things out of the cupboard.  Notice the cooking sheet she's sitting on.  Half my day is spent playing with her and the other half is spent cleaning up after her.
 My family came up during their fall break of school.  We decided to take a trip to the sand dunes, it was so fun, even though it was pretty cold.

Dad at the bottom of our sledding hill.  The sledding is pretty slow on sand, the real test of strength came in running back up the hill.  The sand came half way up your shins so it was pretty deep.  Ty was BY FAR the best at running the hill.
   The van got stuck in the sand and we had to dig/push it out.  Classic.
Eden wearing her 700 layers of clothes.  It was the day after this that we made a trip to Idaho Falls to buy her a coat.  It's much easier to get her ready now.

Eden in a hole:   The hole was maticulously dug and preserved by Ty with the help of Dad and Aubrey and each of us took a turn standing in the hole.
Clapping for herself after she got out of the hole.  She though she did a pretty great job.  Notice that she is only wearing socks.  We're still working on the whole "shoes are nice, they will not hurt you" thing.  She would've cried the whole time had we made her wear a bunch of socks had to sofice.
Eden in the laundry: Nathan was helping me with the laundry today.  When he came back to the front room to fold the clothes this is what I found.  Eden thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family Pictures

Dear World,

Please enjoy a few family pictures that my wonderful friend, Angie, took for us.  Eden graced us with a wonderful stinky diaper right after the first picture, and she was done about 10 minutes after that.  But, we still managed to get a few good shots.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why do I Love this Girl?

I can't believe that Eden is 11 months old!  I'm pretty sure that I was pregnant for my whole life and now she's almost a year old.  One look at that face and you'll know why I'm head over heels for her, but I'll add a few more things to love.

  •  Eden is so empathetic to everyone.  If anyone else is crying, she starts crying.  She has a baby doll that laughs when you push her stomach.  The problem is that every 7th time you push her stomach, she cries.  And when the doll cries, Eden cries.
  • She gives kisses which consist of her leaning toward you and giving you a big ole open mouth slobber on the cheek, or the nose, or wherever she lands.
  • She cuddles with me while I rock her to sleep
  • She dances to any music she hears.  During conference, any time the choir came on she was dancing away.  Her dance moves don't exactly match the MOTAB style.
  • She is afraid of the printer.  Classic.  But that doesn't stop her from pushing all the buttons again and again.  After she's pushed the buttons, she starts crying because of the noises it makes.
  • She is also afraid of/doesn't like (who knows which one) shoes.  If she sees her shoes she starts crying and FORGET IT if you try to put them on her!
  • She loves babies.  Particularly their eyes.  I guess what goes around comes around.  Every infant was poked in the eye by a baby, and every baby will poke an infant in the eye.  Most of the time this action is followed by a proud "EYE!" ( Not Eden yet, but it's only a matter of time...) 
  • She continues to sleep through the night and take two naps during the day.  Bless that child.
  • She signs "more", but to her it means "I want that". She does it anytime you have something she wants and it's adorable and sometimes frustrating because I can't figure out what she wants.
  • She loves to laugh and she and I laugh our way through every day.  This statement may seem contradictory, seeing as I posted two things above that make her cry, but I listed them because that's really the only time she cries.
  • Still no teeth.
  • I just LOVE this amazing girl!  Happy 11 months!