Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long Time, No Type

                                                     This picture accurately depicts how I'm feeling about school at this moment in time.

Yesterday was a very momentous moment in my life.  I registered for my last two classes.  EVER.  Well, at least for now.  There may be a time in the long future when a masters will be coming.  But for now, bring on that Bachelor's degree teaching certification K-8 goodness.  I am SO ready to be done.  This summer I will be doing my senior practicum (which is like a mini student teaching.  3 days a week instead of 5) and an assessment and evaluation class.  This helps me know what tests are appropriate for different kinds of children and how they learn.  I'll be done with that by July 23 and then have 5 weeks of relaxation before the wonderous and much looked forward to student teaching.

I'm just so excited to get into the classroom.  It's so much more fun to prepare lesson plans when you are thinking of your class and what they need.  You know what works for them and what will get them engaged.  I'm so done with making 13 page lesson plans that I'm only turning in for the teacher to grade all of my research based activities and never to be seen by young children.  Done.  It's okay I tell myself, a few more and then I'll be there.  Five more weeks of fakies and then the real thing.  (You're worried that I just used the  word fakies when I'm going to be teaching your children?  No worries.  They will know how to spell all sorts of made-up words with my guidance.)  Believe it or not, spelling made-up words actually helps children to become better readers and writers.  Dr. Seuss was really onto something when he started that whole thing.  It raises their phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Your children are in good hands.

I have had a huge case of Senioritis called I HATE GETTING UP IN THE MORNING to do homework before 8:00am class.  If Nathan wasn't there I think I would just go ahead and sleep through the whole thing.  This is why my momentous "last time registering" was not really mine.  Nathan was the one to wake up at 5:30am, hook up the computer, get onto the site and devise a whole system to make sure I got the teacher I wanted (who only had 5 seats in his class).  He patiently sat beside me as I slept all the way through it until he said, "Bec!  We got it!"  at which point I was very grateful and then promptly fell back asleep.  I am seriously so grateful for that because everyone else trying to get in at 6am couldn't because it was so backlogged.  This makes me sound like a terrible wife.  I tried to get up.  Really.  I think I must have a condition called "can'twakeupitis".  This is the very top on my "To Work On" list.

P.S. I just got called to be the Primary 2 Counselor.  Classic.  We live in a student ward so Primary= 1 sunbeam, 4 little girls and 3 little boys in nursery and about 4 ready to come in this summer.  So  pretty much we just play with toys and have a short lesson and music time.  SO FUN! The kids are so adorable.