Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've been Pinterestified

I don't know how the rest of you feel, but I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest.  The problem is that I could literally spend the rest of my life making and creating the things that I see on pinterest and still not do all of the things I want to do.  Let's face it, I'm still learning how to get all the basics done in a day, let alone add in a bunch of creative projects.  The thing is, I end up not doing the basics in order to do my fun projects and then I'm MORTIFIED when someone knocks on the door and the dishes aren't done.  I end up having to give some lame excuse like..."well you see, eden spit up and then I had to look up how to get spit up out of the carpet, and one thing led to another, and now here I am, still in my PJ's reading about the best way to clean my dirty house. 

It's ironic.  Reading about how to clean my house whilst my toilet has yet to be scrubbed.  You see, how could I possibly spend 10 minutes cleaning a toilet that would take 2 if I had the right technique.  So I spend 30 minutes trying to find the best technique.  I have now lost 20 minutes of my day because I was trying to find a better way.

I keep coming back though...why?  The thought that THIS time it will take me longer, but NEXT time, I will know exactly how to do it.  And in the long run, it will save me time.  And I must feel that it does, because Eden just pooped on the floor, and I turned to my pins to find an answer.  Got the job done in 10 minutes flat, too. 

I guess this life is just a process.  We learn bit by bit how to be a wife, how to be a mother, how to keep your house clean in the most efficient way, we learn how to "home-make" the way that works best for our family.  This, at least for me, takes lots of trial and error.  People give you tons of advice on what worked for them, and I try every one until I find the one that fits for us;  which inevitably ends up being what you had thought of doing all along, or by mixing a bunch of different people's "perfects" into your own mismatch of bliss.

I guess this whole post is to say that I love being a mom.  And I love being a wife.  And although I am far from perfect, I am enjoying my journey.  Someday, I may learn to have the laundry folded by the time Nathan gets home and I may have exercised, eaten, and studied my scriptures before Eden gets up in the morning, but until then, I will enjoy accidentally sleeping in and somehow not getting out of my pajamas until 10am and dropping a glass on the floor only to have it shatter, and to look up at the clock and realize that the day has crept away from me and all I've done is played with and loved my sweet Eden.  And instead of getting down on myself for not being perfect, I will enjoy the journey.