Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Wedding, Rolling over, and Other Noteworthy News

 This post contains many updates.  We've spent the last couple of weeks hosting Nathan's two siblings at our house while we waited to go to Dani's wedding, checking girls out for winter semester, checking girls back in for spring semester, collecting rent, weeding, watering the lawn, shoveling snow, setting up I-night and new student orientation, preparing to student teach seminary, going to Dani's wedding, spending a day with my family, buying a new camera, watching Eden learn to roll over, watching Eden eat and LOVE solid food, and watching Eden learn to sleep unswaddled.  That's right folks.                                                                                        Unswaddled.  Here are pictures to tell the tale.

 Above is a picture of us putting together picture boards for the reception.  Cami is in pink, Dani's roommate Amanda is with her and Breanna is supervising Eden.

 Nathan experimenting with our new camera at the reception.  They had a gorgeous arch which you are seeing part of. 

                                               Mom and Dad Doutre at the Wedding.
 Eden and I hanging out on a couch at the reception.  She was a champ.  With setting up, and staying for the reception and clean up, she was amazing.  I don't think she ever got a good nap, and you can see that she is still as happy as can be.
 Nathan rounded up all the siblings to decorate the car.  Little problem...we forgot that Dani is allergic to latex and those are balloons filling the back seat.  Luckily, we took care of that problem before they had to drive away.
                                Nathan and Eden dancing at the reception with Nic's little brother.

 Don't worry, we are only getting her dressed on the bed, not changing her diaper.  The Hinckley family was kind enough to let us stay in their basement while we were down for the wedding.  They are old family friends of the Doutres from Puyallup.  It was wonderful to see them and we felt so comfortable there.
                 Grandma Doutre and Eden when we were watching Dani and Nic open presents.
 Great Grandma and Grandpa Williams holding Eden at Aubrey's soccer game.  I just love my grandparents.  Aren't they the cutest?  They have always been there for me, cheering me on in whatever I was interested in. 
 Nathan helping Eden get a much needed nap at the game.  We forgot to bring a blanket, and Eden still wouldn't sleep without being swaddled, so we used the car seat cover.
 Nathan's brother, Austin, calls Eden's hair, "the feathers".  She does look a bit like a peacock I guess.
               Another downside to long hair...everyone touches it, making it a bit greasy very quickly.
                                  The Champ.  Enough said.  We loved watching your game Aubs!
 Eden attacking the rings on the bouncer.  If we had a doorway in our trailer, I would get one of these in an instant, but alas, she'll just have to enjoy it and Grandma K's house.
 Last night, we had a date night with some friends in which we did a picture relay.  We had about 45 minutes to get as many pictures off of the list as we could.  The deal was that all team members had to be in every picture, so we were lugging Eden around in her car seat to get our shoots.  It was such a fun night!  Here we are all in front of the temple.
                                                                             On a stage...
                                Singing a song with a random guy playing a guitar on a street corner...
                                                             Wearing funny hats...
 By a body of water...or our bathtub.  I just love Eden in this picture.  She has no idea what is happening as we were getting her in and out of her car seat like crazy and running everywhere we went.  She is such a trooper with her two crazy parents.
                                              Being mummified...  This was the hardest picture because Eden kept trying to take off her wrappings.  Anyway, those are just a few of our pictures from a wonderful evening.
                      Nathan got me lily's this weekend and they have made our house smell wonderful. 
Eden and I relaxing as I sing to her before bed time.  Now that she doesn't need to be swaddled, she falls asleep like this and then I just go put her in her bed.  It's magical.  The book that I read earlier really is incredible.  I was so worried about having to wean her off of being swaddled, but he said that when they are ready, they'll simply go to sleep without being swaddled.  And he was right.  One night she wanted to be swaddled, the next, she went to bed just fine.  I'm hooked.  I'll be trying this philosophy with all of my babies because it worked so well with Eden.  Some may never want to be swaddled, some may want to be swaddled until they are 7 months old, but if it means they sleep through the night at 6 weeks, I don't care how long they want to be swaddled:)  Side note:  I understand that the chances of having my next baby be such a good sleeper are minimal, but there's always hoping right?