Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Months

This kid is 3 months old.  And with all the heart worry during pregnancy and some testing at Primary Children's Hospital last week, he's cleared with just a "normal heart murmur" and a "patent foramen ovale" neither of which should affect his life at all.  We're feeling very blessed around here.

His stats are as follows:

Weight: 17 pounds (off the charts)
Height: 24 inches (99th %ile)
Diaper Size: 3 
Clothing size: 6-9 months

He loves batting at toys and cooing, laughing, and talking to anyone he can get to look at him.  You've never heard a baby giggle like he does-melts my heart.  We sure love this big, happy, sweet, sleeping through the night (10pm-7am) kid of ours!  We are truly blessed.

This Time it Happened, Plus a Little Rain

Remember how I told you about the time we almost went to the zoo?  Well, we tried again this last Saturday and completely conquered it!  However, it did start to rain, make that pour, have way through.  But, a lot of rain couldn't dampen our spirits.  Here are a few pictures to prove that persistence pays off.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to do Your Hair

Step 1:  Look completely adorable so that mom will grab the camera.

                     Once you've got the camera on you, begin your work.


All pictures are in their original state.  I'm trying to decide if I should touch them up and shorten the series to just a few to put in the bathroom.  Thoughts?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Real Mothering-what really happened at the duck park

Do you ever read other people's blogs and start feeling really badly about yourself because you'll never measure up to the perfect mother/cook/organizer/ect that so-and-so from is?  I do, I feel that no matter whose blog I'm reading, I tend to be amazed by all that they seem to accomplish.  I've always wanted to make my blog about the reality of mothering.  But somehow, most of the time, I only post about the really great moments.  I think it's good to focus on those moments, but I also think it's so refreshing to read about real moments from moms.  Moments that make me say, "I get them!  That has totally happened to me!"  So, as an additional post to my duck experience listed below, I thought I'd give you some of the real stuff that happened.

Brigham is 2 months old.  He won't take a bottle and he HATES to be under a blanket, so feeding in public is a little difficult.  This means that I have roughly two hours to get anything done before I have to be home again (or in the car trying to keep Eden happy stuck in a car while I feed him).  By the time I change his diaper, change his poopy clothes, tackle Eden to get shoes on her, pack snacks, water, camera, diaper bag, and wrestle both kiddos into their car seats, our time has dwindled significantly.

By this time on duck park day, I decided that it wasn't worth it to try to get our stroller into the car.  We have a small car and we have to take apart our double stroller in order to fit it into the trunk of our car.  Brigham was already crying in the car, Eden was saying every 3 seconds..."ducks?" and our time barrier was dwindling.  So we got in the car and headed on our way.  About 5 minutes before we get there, Brigham falls asleep.  About 5 minutes before we get there, I get lost.  They had totally redone the off-ramp and connecting streets since I lived here last, so it took some driving around to find the right street.  The whole time I was singing Old McDonald (our car radio doesn't work and let me tell you that I was down to singing about the bees with a buzz buzz here and a buzz buzz there) and reassuring Eden that yes, we were going to see ducks and that we were almost there.

Finally we pulled in and Eden was THRILLED.  She heard the quacking as soon as we pulled up and proceeded to yell, Ducks!  Ducks!  Ducks!  Which was totally adorable and completely woke Brigham up.  I grabbed the camera, opted to leave the diaper bag in the car, and got both kids out of the car.  Brigs weighs about 20 lbs with his car seat, but I knew I needed somewhere to put him down so I had to bring that with me.  Once we started feeding the ducks, I had to hold brigham because the ducks were trying to peck his toes if I put him down and Eden decided that she wanted to swim with the ducks after awhile.  So, I ended up holding both of them after about 30 minutes.  It's a good thing that I've learned something from being a mother of two...I brought some smarties in the diaper bag which worked great for talking E into walking back to the car with me when it was time to go home.  So yes, the duck park was wonderful, but it was also a lot of work and we had a lot of moments that made me laugh at how I keep doing these outings once a week. 

In the end, I keep doing them because Eden loves her time to explore new things and I think that she deserves to have those moments even though it's definitely not easy to do with a new baby.  Also, don't worry, I'm in the market for a double umbrella stroller that will fit in my car easier.  That will make my life much more enjoyable-I just have to wait for Brigs to get big enough to be able to sit in it.

I hope you enjoyed this issue of real mothering..."what really happened at the duck park."

3 Little Ducks Went Out to Play

There's something about toddlers and ducks.  Eden has a particular love for ducks and spends her days asking me about them and wanting me to look up pictures of them to show her.  I try to take my kids out for a "field trip" once a week to show them different things around the area and to let their little minds explore the things around them.  So yesterday, I decided to take the kids to a park in Layton that has a big pond and TONS of ducks.  Eden loved feeding the ducks and Brigham loved being outside with the non-stop quacking.  It was a win-win and will definitely be a re-do in a few weeks.

When E gets really excited she squats down like this and yells about what she's excited about.  Here she's yelling..."Ducks!"

Getting a closer look

She found a perfect little seat to watch the ducks from.  This is after she tried to chase them and before she decided she wanted to swim with them:)

These three little ducks went everywhere together.

Friday, August 16, 2013


I'll just let the pictures do the talking.  This went on for 35 minutes my friends.

My Brother...The Stud

Well, my second little brother just left for an LDS mission on Wednesday.  In case you are wondering, yes he is the most studly, loving, handsome, thoughtful, athletic, spiritual, heart-throb of a teenager you've ever seen.  I'm going to miss this kid like crazy, but am SO proud of his decision to spread the message of our Savior Jesus Christ to the people of Jamaica.  I think all the grand kids will miss him most of all.

The night before "Ba-Ba" left.  He taught Eden to do "Fin, Noggin, Dude!" from finding Nemo and she LOVES it.  She did it today with me and kept saying "Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba"

The beautiful Bountiful Temple the night Blake went through for his Endowment.

Nate, me, Blake and Levi after the temple session.  I feel so blessed that we live close enough that I can be there for things like this.

Blaker and my mom and dad

My not-so-little-anymore brother.

Ba-Ba and Brigs.  Can't believe that Brigham will be two before Blake gets home.

Like I said, what a stud!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes this girl does crazy things like eat dirt while I'm feeding Brigham.  But somehow, it just makes me love her all the more.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Almost Photoshoot

Photography Lesson #1: Don't have a set image of how you want a picture to look when you photograph your kids.  It won't turn out that way.  Just go with the flow and take what you can get.

My mom's birthday was this week and my plan was to take a beautiful picture of my two kids to put in a frame that she has for pictures of her grandchildren.  The frame only has 3 slots, and now she has four grandkids, so I thought a combined picture of my kids would fit the bill perfectly.

However, on the only night I had free to take their pictures, Eden was in a mood like you can't believe and by the time I calmed her down, Brigham was getting hungry.  Also, remember how big Brigham is?  Eden can't hold him.  This makes taking a picture of the two of them kind of difficult.  (Feel free to share any fun poses you think would work for siblings that are this young.  I need to do some research in that area.)

Here's what our photoshoot looked like...

After trying to get her to hold him on her lap, I resorted to telling her to hug him...yeah.

"Eden, look at Mom, look at Mom, look at Mom.  Brigham, try not to look so drunk.  Nate, try to shadow them more." Nothing.

Okay, but that's only one of you.

I'll take it! I just need to fix it up in photoshop.

I'll take it again.  And maybe people will think Brigham was sleeping peacefully, not just that he closed his eyes in the picture. 

"Eden, kiss Brigham."  "Oh man!  I looked away and totally missed it!"

"Kiss him again for Mommy. Okay...I guess we'll take you smooshing your cheek up against Brighams mouth as a kiss from him."

Nate being the prop to hold Brigham up.

Eden, look at Mommy!  Eden look at Mommy! No?  Okay, we'll just take it like this.

"No, you can't look at the picture yet.  Can you smile for Mommy and then I'll let you see it?"  Oh, you're just going to keep whinning until I show you?  I should have known!

Eden, look at Mommy. Eden, look at Mommy.  (Enter crazy dance moves and delightful noises to try to get her attention.)Well, okay, we'll document your beautiful hair and hope that everyone thinks I meant to capture just your hair.

Even Nate gave up after a few minutes.

I'll touch some of these up in photoshop to see if I can make some of them work...and mostly I'll just be laughing at how my perfect photoshoot idea was a hilarious flop.  Joke's on me for thinking my 1 1/2 year old and my 2 month old would hold perfectly still and smile at the same time for their crazy mother at dinner time.  Don't let yourself fall for the same idea.  Here are some thoughts for my next try...

       1. Take the pictures right after dinner.
       2. Bring along some new toys/objects to get their attention
       3. Bring a boppy to prop Brigham up on (covered with something pretty of course)
       4. Don't wear a skirt!  This will allow me to get down on their level and capture some moments better.  The picture of Eden pushing Brig's tummy may have had some potential had I been at a different angle.