Sunday, December 16, 2012


"Tomorrow" was one of those days.  The kind that leaves me strutting through the house because I've got to be the world's best mother.  In fact, I bet they'll make a movie after me one day!  Luckily for my pride, I know that tomorrow will come and I'll be back in the races again. But for today, I'll strut all I like.

Monday, December 10, 2012

What's Red and Raised and Itchy all over?

Shingles.  I started finding symptoms for shingles around Thanksgiving and I've been on this AWFUL medicine ever since.  The actual shingles wasn't so bad.  I was a itchy and my side was pretty sore to touch, but it wasn't anything I would've gone to the doctor for had my sister Katie not looked at it and told me she was pretty sure it was shingles and that since I was pregnant I should go in right away.

We caught it really early on so it never got to the intense stages.  I'm really lucky that we caught it so early because with my pregnancy it could've been really dangerous for the baby/me.  I'm the girl that doesn't take medicine for anything and NEVER goes to the doctor.  I probably would've been a sea of rashes before I had said anything to my OB/GYN.

Anyway, like I said, the actual shingles wasn't too bad, it was the medicine that threatened my life:).  They warned me when they gave it to me that during pregnancy it can make you really sick and drowsy.  As in, I wasn't allowed to drive the whole time I was on the medicine drowsy.  That was a bummer as it's Christmas time and I really needed to be running errands.

I was much more sick during the 10 days of medication than I was the entire first trimester with baby and I was pretty mad about it too. Wouldn't you know this would all come during Eden's "I'm-really-onery-and-getting-teeth-and-a-cold-and-deciding-to-tear-the-house-apart" and while Nathan has been pulling practically all nighters to get his homework/work done.  Luckily I have some awesome friends who helped me with some of my office work and even took Eden one afternoon so I could take a nap.  THANK YOU!

But, now I'm done with the medicine and I'll be able to handle Eden's temper tantrums and craziness a little better.  (Yes, my 13 month old is throwing temper tantrums!!! AHHH! I'm only imagining what will be coming in another year.  YIKES!)  This child knows what she wants and she lets me know.  Not to worry, I'm a tough cookie and I'm just as stubborn as she is.  I pick my battles, but once I've acted, I hold my ground.  Most of the time.  Sometimes after 45 minutes of her crying that she wants more food while there is perfectly good food that she likes on the high chair tray in front of her (she just wants something else) I give in because I will punch myself in the head if I have to endure this for any longer!  Can you tell it's been one of those days?!  Some nights I put that adorable child in her bed for the night and want to shout "Hallelujah!!!  Some nights I put her in her bed and wish I could keep her up with me because we've had so much fun together and she's been my little sweet heart... maybe tomorrow will be one of those days?????